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This is a summary of complaints by UAAD pertaining to JPMorganChase Bank


What is the purpose of the OCC/FDIC?

In 1998 UAAD filed a complaint against Bank One due to bad faith negotiations, and its lack of compliance to CRA. This complaint addressed in particular its practice of discriminating against African Americans. Several other complaints have since been filed. The OCC is responsible for enforcing and listening to such complaints.
The complaint filed in 1998 the OCC recommended that this non-profit hire a Lawyer. E-mails sent regarding UAAD’s complaints recently were unanswered or the answer did not address the issue UAAD was pursuing. Upon attempting to get a clarification on whether Chase Bank was in violation of 12CFR25.43 pertaining to disclosure of the banks public records, conflicting information came from the OCC Houston, Texas office. First I was denied to speak to Ms. Delora Jee who is stated to be The CRA Deputy Comptroller who in charge of JP Morgan Chase Bank compliance to CRA. After discussing with Ms. Jee that one of the reasons I had come to Washington, DC was to meet and present a CRA complaint regarding Chase Banks non-compliance of the CRA regulations, to include 122CFR25.43, Ms. Jee stated she was not the proper official to present this type of complaint, and went on to say that her position would be compromised, due to her being the Deputy Comptroller overseeing Chase Banks CRA involvement. At least that is what I understood her to say. I asked her who in the OCC was there to protect the interest of the community. Ms. Jee first stated UAAD would have to file its complaint with the Houston, Texas office. I related to her that I felt I was being given the run around by her and others, due to the Supervisor in the Houston office had previously told me that complaints regarding CRA had to be filed at the Washington, DC location. Later in our discussion Ms. Jee stated that they did have an OCC representative whose name was David Lewis. Ms. Jee stated she would have Mr. Lewis get in touch with me via cell phone, but did not say when. It was also indicated that the FDIC / OCC usually don’t take such complaints until a merger take place.

From the conversation held with the Deputy Comptroller of CRA for Chase Bank I would suggest that those having issue with Chase and their banks branches disclosure of their CRA performance should demand that these institutions have on file for public view “all” complaints, which is required under 12CFR25.43 of the CRA regulations. It is UAAD’s intent to present our and others complaints to various branches, publicize and ask the public and media to view such complaints. Ms. Jee advised that the purpose of Mr. Lewis’s assignment to the Louisiana area was to address CRA compliance problems with various banks. UAAD will insist that OCC representatives such as Mr. Lewis investigate and make our organization aware of any actions that are taken.

I would imagine that those who are concerned about Katrina victims and others suffering from banks poor and lack of performance in the African American Community should tell these victims that they will have to wait until Chase Bank decide to expand its predatory influence to other areas, before Community Organizations can complain to the Federal authorities about their contributing to their adverse condition. Than we should advise these poor souls that it is not likely that anything will be done in the future, based on what the FDIC and OCC’s poor performance in the past when banks are allowed to discriminate against African Americans in particular, with the support of the Federal Government and Congress.
This so-called Civil Rights Legislation called the Community Re-Investment Act was only passed with stipulations that these racist financial institutions can continue to do business as usual. Now the Republicans, and some Democrats are saying that they can live with it as written, as long as it benefits those it wasn’t intended. How could it have been considered a part of the civil rights legislation, when it was meant for the Banks to continue their racist practices? Why would Congress support the wrongful doings of Chase Bank to provide billions of dollars to Caucasians under the guise of CRA while the poverty stricken African Americans are suffering and were doing so long before Katrina due to Chase Bank’s and their CRA officials version of CRA. Why will this government continue with the deficit in the trillions of dollars not enforce Chase Bank to provide funding to African Americans as they have always provided to Caucasians since banking was formed in America.
Without dwelling in the past, why doesn’t this government insist that all regulations are adhered, whether they benefit African Americans or others? After this administration’s poor performance and lack of performance in the African American Communities past and present, it is time for this administration and congress to provide the necessary leadership, to allow all an equal opportunity and a share of the wealth. With equal opportunities African Americans will become gainfully employed, rather than under-employed and in a larger degree un-employed. The prison population will decrease to a great degree, with equal opportunities jobs will be obtained, education in the minority community will increase, and our society as a whole will benefit.

UAAD and several other Community and Civil Rights Organization are building coalitions to address these particular problems. We ask that Congress hear our plea.

We ask that Congress hold hearings regarding CRA and the lack of African Americans participation in this economy.

We ask that UAAD and this Coalition be put on the agenda for the hearings addressing the Katrina Victims.

UAAD ask those receiving this complaint and solutions reply with suggestions on all or a portion. Comments you agree or don’t agree are welcomed.

UAAD’s and many of it’s Partners believe that a resolution of the mentioned complaints will provide some solutions, that will benefit African Americans, and all Americans. see: http://www.uaadcorp.com/ for more information regarding this complaint and solutions.


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