UEDC/ CRA Proposal

This is a summary of complaints by UAAD pertaining to JPMorganChase Bank


UAAD's Hurricane Recovery Victims Proposal

Community Trust Bank (CTB) / Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation (GNLCDC) have entered into a CRA agreement that can set an example of how CRA can benefit HRV.

Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation – Chairman of the Board is Herb Simmons, who also serves as Alumni Director at Grambling State University. His wife, Jan is the Executive Director of the organization. CTB provides donations of money and time to help GNLCDC succeed and do their work in the community. In addition Janice Evans, Northside Branch Manager for CTB, and Larry Emery, serve as Board Members for GNLCDC. CTB has provided the MoneySmart curriculum, an adult financial literacy program, to GNLCDC for the past four years free of charge and has provided bank personnel to aid in educating people in the program. In addition to this work, GNLCDC is now in the process of establishing a Small Business Development Center in Jonesboro. The building is already secured and two thirds of the money has been established. CTB has provided homebuyer education, home loans, grants, donations, and time to GNLCDC during the past four years to better meet the needs of low-moderate income people in our surrounding parishes. For more information see:

It is expected that the present support CTB is providing, additional support will also be made available. UAAD will approach and expect similar support from all banks in the state of Louisiana. UAAD’s goal is to have Louisiana banks contribute at least 100% of their CRA commitments toward UEDC’s Hurricane Victims Recovery.

UEDC will build coalitions of community organizations, small, medium and large banks to reach goals of raising, distributing, micro management of billions of dollars that is needed for hurricane victims’ recovery.

JPMorganChase Bank expected contribution:
In a recent telephone conversation with Mr. Mark Willis, Vice-President of Community Partnership for Chase Bank, he agreed to entertain funding the above project upon receiving a written presentation.
UAAD’s negotiations with Chase Bank’s Affinity Credit Card Department will also add additional benefits to HRV. See: http://www.chaseuedcaffinity.blogspot.com/

Arrangements of this nature between small, medium, large banks and community organizations is the platform in which CRA agreements can be established to benefit the communities each bank serves.


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